Focus on your business while our team handles the cyber threat investigation, root cause analysis, and recovery operations. We are here to empower you to regain control after a cyber breach, anytime, anywhere.

Time is of the Essence

Speed up response durations. Limit harm. Resume your business operations. Cyber assaults can affect any institution, regardless of size, with different strategies employed and varying consequences. You could suffer from theft of intellectual property, fiscal redirection, business email compromise, denial of service, among others. Upon the occurrence of a security breach, our Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics services are promptly on hand to identify, isolate, and rectify the threat.

Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

In the face of an assault, you can count on us to defend your business. Our skilled team conducts investigations into attacks, provides a thorough recovery plan, and lowers your potential risk for future attacks.

  • Identify - We will establish the nature of the breach, from phishing to ransomware and beyond, and ascertain whether the threat is ongoing.
  • Investigate - We will discover the origin of the violation and assess which systems were compromised, how the attack took place, and the fallout.
  • Recover - We will assist in getting your enterprise back on track, limiting damage and lessening your risk for the future.
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Expert Security Analyst Team

Your incident response is under expert care with Z7 Solutions. When you reach out to us, you’re engaging with the industry's top experts. Our analysts hold a wealth of practical experience in defending some of the world's most intricate networks, providing top-tier advice, strategy, investigation, and recovery.

Rapid Response Capability

Cyber adversaries don’t rest, so neither do we. We understand how critical swift response is following a cyber breach. Regardless of the scale of your network or the number of endpoints, our round-the-clock forensics team promptly investigates and eliminates threats to reduce harm to your systems. We use our comprehensive security tools to enhance the security of your endpoints, network, and cloud resources.


We are equipped to deal with any type of attack.

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