Welcome to Z7 Solutions' Offensive Security Services. As a top-tier managed service provider, we deliver comprehensive penetration testing and threat modeling services designed to secure your business and enhance your resilience against cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing (Internal/External)

Overview: Simulate attacks from both internal and external perspectives to pinpoint vulnerabilities.
Approach: Tailored vulnerability scanning and exploitation strategies, followed by detailed reporting.
Value: Secure your infrastructure, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect business operations.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Overview: Methodical testing from front-end user interfaces to back-end databases.
Approach: Comprehensive application review, targeted testing, and implementation of security best practices.
Value: Boost application defense, increase resilience, and maintain user trust.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing (iOS/Android)

Overview: Address security for increasingly utilized mobile platforms.
Approach: Customized testing environments, dynamic and static analysis, and development of mitigation strategies.
Value: Protect user data and uphold your reputation through enhanced mobile app security.

Phishing/Smishing Simulations

Overview: Prepare your organization against sophisticated phishing and smishing attacks through targeted simulations.

Simulations: Tailored to mirror real-world threats with real-time tracking and post-simulation training.
Value: Strengthen defenses, enhance team readiness, and secure your operational integrity against social engineering threats.

Threat Modeling

Overview: Strategic threat modeling essential for identifying potential threats, crucial for software development and compliance in SaaS applications.
Approach: Asset identification, threat definition, and strategic security design.
Value: Secure applications from emerging threats, ensure compliance, and maintain robust client relationships.

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