About Z7 Solutions

Welcome to Z7 Solutions, your trustworthy partner in IT Managed Services and Solutions, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2012, we are a family-owned company that cherishes and embodies the essence of family values in every aspect of our business. We are more than just an IT firm; we are a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering exceptional IT services with a personal touch.

Our firm, skillfully led by our CEO, Shelley Aleksic, and CTO, Zack Aleksic, started from humble beginnings and has since flourished into a multimillion-dollar company. Throughout our journey, we have acquired an unrivaled reputation for providing impeccable IT services to both public and private companies, including those listed in Fortune 100.

Today, we are proud to be responsible for the daily management of thousands of endpoints, ensuring the security and efficiency of our clients' data and operations. We recognize the strategic importance of maintaining a smooth-functioning remote workforce. Therefore, we offer direct management for our clients' remote operations, keeping their businesses up and running efficiently at all times.

What sets us apart is our commitment to combining top-tier talent with an unmatchable response time. We understand that each client's needs are unique, and we leverage the extensive skills of our exceptional team members to deliver personalized solutions. At Z7 Solutions, we offer the reliability and resources of a large firm while maintaining the intimate service level and core values intrinsic to our small, family-owned business.

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Our strength lies in our efficiency and exemplary work ethic. While we may be smaller in size, our impact is substantial, as we leverage our resources and expertise to drive client success. Our belief in real values has shaped our work culture and approach, ensuring a positive and impactful relationship with our clients.

At Z7 Solutions, we believe in transforming challenges into solutions and visions into reality. Your success is our success, and we are committed to working alongside you to achieve your business goals. Together, we can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of IT and cultivate a partnership built on trust, efficiency, and innovation. Welcome to our family.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Help Businesses Like Yours Streamline Operations, Bolster Security, and Refocus Their Energy on What Truly Matters Allowing You to Concentrate on the Core Tasks That Drive Your Business Forward.

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Our Value

At Z7 Solutions, we blend the efficiency, capabilities, and reach of a large IT firm with the personal touch, commitment, and values of a family-owned business. Rooted in Orlando, Florida, and serving a diverse range of clients including Fortune 100 companies, we offer unparalleled response times, top-tier talent, and a proven track record of managing thousands of endpoints daily. We efficiently handle our clients' remote workforce operations, ensuring continuous and smooth business activities. Our values lie in commitment to our clients, unwavering dedication to excellence, and the delivery of effective IT solutions without compromising our core family values. At Z7 Solutions, we transform IT challenges into efficient solutions, and we're dedicated to making your success our priority. Welcome to the family of integrity, efficiency, and excellence. Welcome to Z7 Solutions.

Our Core Team

Shelley Aleksic


Zack Aleksic

CTO & Principal Architect

Carl T Harrison

Lead Solutions Engineer

Whitney Aleksic

Channel & Marketing Executive

Harries Hernandez

Lead Web Development Engineer


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