Cloud Desktops Simplified

Experience the transformative simplicity of Apporto. Deliver desktops and apps securely to any device with up to 70% lower total cost of ownership.

Secure Mobile Workspaces

A dramatically simplified and more affordable approach to secure remote work, eliminating the need for VDI and device restrictions.

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Enable Secure, Hassle-Free Access

Provide secure, round-the-clock access to necessary applications and resources from any device, including BYOD, without the complexities of a VPN. Enjoy seamless access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Streamline IT Operations

Let Apporto take care of software deployment, backups, recovery, monitoring, antivirus, and more as part of our comprehensive service. Say goodbye to packaging, intricate configurations, and endpoint management.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 50-70%

Enjoy a straightforward, all-encompassing subscription model without any hidden charges or unexpected costs, all at a fixed, predictable rate.

Facilitate Secure BYOD

Safely accommodate BYOD with Apporto's robust zero-trust and least-privilege security framework, eliminating the need for VPNs and endpoint management.

Enhance User Experience

Benefit from advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling to provide a seamless, local-like user experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Streamline VDI for Scalability

Avoid the complexities of server setups, data center bottlenecks, and patch management. Simplify and effortlessly scale your infrastructure for growth.

Virtual Computer Labs

Improve student access to crucial resources on any device, at any time and from any location, while drastically reducing overall expenses by 50-70%, freeing up your IT team to focus on important projects.

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Broaden Student Access

Ensure 24/7 availability of key applications and resources for students on any device, including BYOD, eliminating the need for VPNs. Provide adaptable access from anywhere at any time.

Lighten the Load for IT Teams

With Apporto handling software deployment, backups, recovery, and antivirus, the complexities of configurations, packaging, and endpoint management are removed, enabling IT teams to concentrate on more critical tasks.

Achieve Significant Cost Savings

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50-70% with Apporto's transparent, all-encompassing subscription plan, free from hidden fees and with predictable pricing.

Enhance User Experience

Leverage Apporto's advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling to offer an exceptional cloud-native experience on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms.

Promote Teamwork and Interactive Learning

Redefine conventional computer labs into dynamic collaborative environments using Apporto, promoting active participation and cooperative learning.

Enhance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Apporto democratizes education by enabling any device, irrespective of its price, to function as a high-performance workstation, eliminating economic obstacles to utilizing sophisticated software tools.

Cybersecurity Labs

Revolutionize your cybersecurity education with ready-made courses, easy customization options, and round-the-clock remote access, offering unmatched flexibility in learning.

Take your cybersecurity training to the next level

Plug-and-Play Courses

Elevate your cybersecurity instruction with Apporto's ready-to-use modules, encompassing vital subjects like CompTIA's Network+ and Security+, along with endpoint management and enterprise architecture, to enrich your educational offerings.

Simple Tailoring

With Apporto's user-friendly platform, effortlessly customize your curriculum with an array of virtual machines, networks, and operating systems such as Windows and Linux, to meet your unique teaching requirements.

Safe, Dedicated Training Space

Apporto's Cyber Security Labs offer a secure, dedicated space for hands-on learning in realistic scenarios, eliminating the need for client installations or VPN connections.

Flexibly Accessible

Ensure round-the-clock availability of your educational content, accessible from anywhere and on any device, to facilitate learning on the go and support distance education.

Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Benefit from our straightforward, all-inclusive pricing structure, free of unexpected charges, offering a cost-effective alternative to DIY solutions.

Foster Interactive Learning

Leverage our Virtual Classroom to oversee student progress, address questions, and interactively engage, with integrated chat and voice communication to enhance collaboration between students and instructors.