With our help and assurance, we can make sure that only authenticated users can log in and access their data through their mobile devices. This USP prevents unauthorized hacks into enterprise data to keep it safe from prying outsiders. Enhanced corporate data security goes a long way in helping your remote workforce be productive even when they are logged in from home.  

What do we offer?
At the heart of our enterprise mobility management solutions is the ability to get more done from your remote workforce in a secure manner. From IT admins remotely configuring apps, to secure access to work from home, your company gets many advantages when they opt for our IT mobility solutions. 

If you need your workforce to access files, data, and content in a security-rich environment, contact our IT mobility solutions team. With our help, your workforce can use personal devices without compromising the security or integrity of data and files.

Some of the key areas of our IT mobility solutions cover:
1 – Providing authorized access to the right set of team members
2 – Configuring security protocols on mobile devices
3 – Facilitating remote access to files and data
5 – Identity and access management (IAM) for single sign-on and credential-based access
6 – Detecting real-time device location
7 – Wiping out data from the device if it happens to be misplaced or stolen 

You can count on us for expertise in enhancing mobile device security, application integration,
and management.

Why choose us?
Apps, security policies, and content access protocols work differently for different companies. Some companies may require a total wiping out of content if the device is lost. Some may focus on highly stringent login access and security protocols. Others may want to protect just a handful of apps instead of casting a wider net. We will help you determine the appropriate protocols based on your industry vertical and your specific business requirement. This way, our Enterprise Mobility Management solutions will be designed and deployed exactly the way you want it, rather than offering you a “one size fits all” solution.  
Connect with us today!
Schedule a call with us to kickstart a fruitful digital workspace within your organization through our reliable and secure Enterprise Mobility Management services! At Z7 Solution we will be happy to design a custom enterprise mobility strategy that your team can benefit the most from.

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