Small Business Consulting

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the many challenges SMBs face while running day to day business operations. We will listen to your challenges and create a custom fitted solution to address your unique business challenges whether it be as simple as simple setting up a work email address or more complex such as moving to the cloud; no matter the challenge we can help!

SMB Business Challenges and Solutions:

    • Productivity – As a small business owner, you might be concerned about the level of productivity in your organization. By utilizing our tech proficiencies, you can gain a better level of productivity from your workforce. Our expertise on digital transformation and cloud tech stack will help you empower your team in different ways. They get the flexibility to work from anywhere and from any device. This freedom and fluidity will ensure that you gain significant yields in productivity. Enable your employees to work better and more efficiently, no matter if they’re working in the office or the comfort of their home.

    • Infrastructure – Are you looking to augment your in-house IT infrastructure with new hardware? Servers, systems, and connections come at a cost. As a startup or a SMB, you cannot afford to indulge in this cost every time your business picks pace. Such CAPEX will be a cost drain and eat into the profitability of your organization. This is where cloud infrastructure comes into the picture. Get unlimited capacity, flexibility, and agility when you sign up for a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure from Z7 Solutions. Easily scale up or down so that you only pay for the resources you need. Make your environment flexible and agile with unlimited capacity.

    • Continuity – Moving IT operations to the cloud adds immense value to your brand positioning and its core ethos. You are able to provide a competitive advantage of continuous uptime in services and solutions. This way, customers need not be in the dark due to downtime brought on by server outage or damage to in-house IT resources. You will be able to serve your customers better and bolster your brand credibility with disaster resilience USP of cloud infrastructure. By implementing continuity solutions, your business will keep going even when faced with ransomware, natural disasters, hardware failure, or human error.

    • Security – Do you feel that keeping IT operations inhouse enables a safer environment for your confidential data? With Cloud operators, you get to secure your data much better than in-house setup. Z7 Solutions offers robust security protocols and access-based control that provides access only to authenticated users and disables access when it senses a breach in the form of unauthorized access. We also ensure total encryption of data to elevate the level of security associated with your files and data. Prevent and stop cyber-attacks in their tracks with a layered security approach, ensuring every aspect of your business is secure, from email to mobile devices.

    • Network – A reliable cloud network offers an unbeatable competitive edge. Advantages like centralized management and 100% control and visibility become possible when you go for the high performance cloud networking offered by us at Z7 Solutions. It also facilitates content distribution for lightning quick content distribution to customers worldwide. This is an incredible USP offered by cloud service providers and benefits by providing enterprise grade security against web based threats. Keep your connections and traffic secure and moving at high speeds while improving your business reliability and internet uptime.

    • Communications – Employees and teams can communicate with each other in real-time when using cloud technologies. They can get together irrespective of which location they are in. Such an advantage is beneficial in today’s times of social distancing and remote working. At Z7 Solutions, we help you support a 100% mobile workforce and control widely dispersed digital teams. With additional features such as document sharing, the cloud based communication channel from Z7 Solutions will power up work for your team to work from home. You can enable easy work from home experiences for your employees through the implementation of better collaboration and communication tools.


Together, we can help you determine which combination of solutions will work best for your business. Contact us to learn more!


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