Physical to Virtual Desktop Migration

Physical to Virtual Desktop Migration

Capitalize on IT workload consolidation with Z7 Solutions. We offer cutting edge Server P2V migration services to help you overcome the complexities of a physical IT infrastructure to a virtual environment and host it on a remote desktop. This scenario allows users to access their workstation from anywhere overt the network. If old hardware and performance are barriers that prevent your growth targets, then go for the physical to virtual desktop migration services offered by us.

At Z7 Solutions, we offer complete P2V server migration services. You can now migrate data and applications from Industry Standard Servers (ISS) to state of the art cloud-powered virtual environment. We help set up the necessary software on the endpoint device. Once the configuration is done, the user can easily use that software.
Our experts in P2V services help bring down dependency on costly physical hardware and cooling requirement. The user experience we deliver with the remote workstation services is much more elevated than actual computers. We enable this USP by making available high-impact resources like storage and databases. The user can experience the same look and feel with a remote desktop, irrespective of the different systems used to gain access.

This custom product is tailored as per your specific business requirement and IT virtualization budget. This way, management buy-in becomes easy when you engage us for migrating from physical servers to a virtual IT environment. You can utilize our experience in planning, installing, and configuring the most appropriate business solution. This way, you can prefer us for an end to end solution.
Why choose Z7 Solutions?

  • No compromise on business continuity
    We help abstract the OS from a computer’s hardware with virtualization software. This way they can continue being productive without any impact on business continuity.

  • Upgrade your organizational IT hardware
    If your hardware configuration is too slow to meet the dynamic business demands of the future, then it will be viable to go for an upgrade. But with purchase costs of IT servers and other components of the infrastructure, it can impact your CAPEX. A smart move would be to convert physical machines to virtual machines. We recommend going for a virtual desktop thin clients for setting up Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI. You can re-use older PCs by using them as virtual desktop endpoints. This can add significantly to your bottom-lines.

  • Flexibility
    If your company has a flexible workforce, these virtual desktops provide immense ROI. The IT teams can set up and allocate vestural desktops without the need to procure expensive computers for the temporary workforce.

  • Totally secure
    Our server virtualization expertise helps you serve your end clients better without any compromise on the security of the organizational data stored on IT systems. The data is stored in the data center, instead of the endpoint machines. So if there is a theft or damage to an endpoint machine, the data still remains secure, as it does not reside on the endpoint devices.

    At Z7 Solutions, our P2V Server Migration Services will help you maintain a competitive edge.
    Utilize our trained professionals to assist you in Migrating Physical Desktops to a Virtual Desktop.


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