Physical Infrastructure & Facilities Supplies

Your digital business is dependent on your physical infrastructure. With the help of Z7 Solutions to design, implement and manage your business’s physical infrastructure foundations, your digital business will be leveraged along with the mobile workforce.

In fact, Z7 Solutions’ services consist of everything your business requires, right from the digital environment to the physical environment; we design, audit, patch, and manage your demands. Our team can easily convert your office from ordinary to the highest performance standards so that it is prepared for the future’s constantly evolving technologies. When we plan a solution for your business, we take care of your office’s voice and data cabling optimization as per your business’s growth.

Our services focus primarily on the following aspects:

Datacenter Services:
It can be difficult to manage and predict the enterprise workloads in this consumer-driven technology environment. Even the underlying technology environment requires a proper evolution as day-to-day IT operations are becoming more resource-intensive and complex. Z7 Solutions will aid in:

● Virtualization, transformation, and server consolidation
● Building a secure and energy-efficient environment for infrastructure
● Disaster recovery services

Co-Location Office Migration:
Co-location office migration services are imperative, but choosing the final migration platform or services can pose a significant risk to the physical and infrastructure security. In fact, branch office migration services can prove to be a dramatic transformation.

Z7 Solutions takes careful considerations when managing the physical infrastructure and underlying technologies. Our attention to detail when planning and executing a co-location office migration ensures your business will have minimized business risks in every possible way.

Physical Infrastructure Installations:
We can also help you reduce the hassle and time of getting your physical infrastructure up and functioning. We take care of everything that is required during implementation such as inspecting, assembling, and testing each piece, offering you complete peace of mind.

With over decade of experience, we combine strategic vendor partnership, skilled resources, and best practice processes to reduce any disruptions and increase the overall value. With our end-to-end IT expertise, we manage to understand enterprise-wide interdependencies, opportunities, and impacts that happen with digital transformation or physical infrastructure projects. By stating and testing new technologies, we decrease any risks or costs that can hinder the acceleration of changes. We have a good record of delivering long-term on-site resources for our customers for years.

Make the most of the core competencies Z7 Solutions has to offer to accelerate the changes and growth of your business.