You can successfully meet your academic and training objectives with the enterprise-grade Learning Management Systems (LMS) solutions offered at Z7 Solutions. Our hands-on expertise on various LMS tools like Moodle and Canvas makes us a preferred tech partner for forward-looking online eLearning companies that want a feature packed, scalable, and secure solution to implement ‘training on the go’ programs.

Our technical competencies ensure that we can assist you with comprehensive LMS solutions to suit all types of learning needs for all types of organizations. Some domains where our LMS prove to be effective include school/college education and online courses. We also facilitate corporate LMS development for sales enablement, employee onboarding, upskilling of the team, and enterprise training programs. 

Services offered by Z7 Solutions
Z7 Solutions’ forte enables highly engaging learning experiences that help customers meet their training and learning objectives. We offer the below services as a part of our skill set in delivering LMS solutions: 

  • Custom Template Design
    Our customization offerings are bolstered by PR ability to develop unique and personalized themes for your LMS portal. 

  • Managed Hosting
    Get dedicated servers and deliver learning solutions without any downtime or streaming delays. We can do setup, upgrades, or migration of hosting servers to help to remain ready for the future.  

  • Solution Support
    We have partnered on many Moodle and Canvas projects. Right from design, development, and troubleshooting to content conversion, migration and community setup, we can do it all. Developing multi-language and feature-rich courses becomes effective when Z7 Solutions is working with you on developing the LMS courses. 

  • Build Courseware
    You may need a custom training program for effective learning. You can rely on us for end to end support in courseware development, integration, and publishing for easy and secure access. Our capabilities in SCORM, instructional design, and GITFT conversion enables us to design interactive and engaging courses.

  • Mobile Learning
    Today’s student demands on-the-go learning. We bring the power of the cloud and mobile-based learning solutions to fulfil this challenging requirement. We help you sell on the USP of ‘anytime anywhere learning’ to ensure better success for your organization.  

  • Increase Engagement
    Do you want to see an uptick in learner engagement? Then gamification of LMS solutions can help drive a richer learning environment. We can implement 2D/3D graphics, avatars, scores, badges, and quests to propel the engagement factor in eLearning.

    Are you looking for reliable and secure LMS on the cloud? Then you can connect with us for your custom eLearning portal requirement. At Z7 Solutions, our team will be happy to hear from you.