End-User Computing

At Z7 Solutions, we have a proven track record in delivering end to end services that power up end-user computing. We are the specialists in end-user computing as a service and offer cradle-to-grave services. With our services, you can quickly respond to the demand of a modern workforce. They can access any enterprise app or data irrespective of the place they are accessing from or the machine they are using to do so.

As one of the leading end-user computing service providers, we help deliver a deeply personalized experience to the internal team to help them remain productive at their work. Our EUC solutions help you achieve the triple benefits of optimized costs, organizational efficiency, and 100% employee satisfaction. We can help you roll out EUC devices from your end, or configure Bring your Own Devices (BYOD) owned by the workforce.
What do we do in end-user computing services?

  • Initial Assessment
    We help you configure your EUC setup as per your specific needs and user demands. We ensure a centralized application deployment strategy where all programs reside on the data center or on the cloud. The single window allows for better monitoring of potential red flags. It also simplifies the availability of the needed programs across the valid users in the organization.

  • IT Systems Lifecycle Management
    Get maximum life out of every device installed in-house within the organization. We scrutinize and give priority to mission-critical business objectives. We will also help group the workforce based on the programs they use, the access they need, and the teams they belong to.

  • Versatility in Solution Offerings
    We design and develop mobile strategies and BYOD policies. We also help with Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT asset management services. We help build the environment needed to support the EUC architecture. If you need cloud deployment, we can work with the cloud providers to ensure successful migration, setup, and configuration. If you need a hybrid architecture, we can help you to separate out components needed for on-premise IT and for cloud deployment.

  • 100% Support Services
    We evaluate, devise, and develop strategies to optimize your end-user support service desk and elevate the efficiency of IT lifecycle management operations. With a bit of our assistance, you can be sure that your service desk can handle issues with the IT department. We help roll out this advantage without impacting business continuity. We offer customized on-site, remote, or hybrid models as a part of our end-user computing services.
    Why choose Z7 Solutions?
    1- We offer end to end solutions in EUC services. This value proposition makes us a preferred partner for deploying end-user computing as a service at your business premises.
    2- You get reduced costs on implementation, deployment, and licensing with virtualization solutions for end-user computing.
    3- We know that your workforce is the most critical component of business success. We help them get the tools, and IT resources they need to be efficient at their work.
    4- We drive business benefits like top-notch workplace collaboration, integrated ops management, and process automation.


    Call our team at Z7 Solutions to gain a competitive upper hand in end-user computing managed services.