Converged and Hyperconverged

Converged and Hyperconverged

If you are looking forward to simplifying your deployment with assorted computing and networking in your hardware or software-defined infrastructure, then Z7 solutions can help you with our Converged and Hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is an integrated solution that combines all the aspects of a traditional data center: storage, compute, management and networking. Plus, it uses x86 servers and software to replace costly, purpose-built software. With HCI, data center complexity can be reduced, and scalability can be increased significantly.

When it comes to converged infrastructure, it uses the same aspects of the traditional data center but with easier management and simplified architecture.

How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Works – Our HCI solution is tightly integrated with four components:
1. Compute Virtualization
2. Storage Virtualization
3. Networking Virtualization
4. Advanced Management Capabilities

The virtualization software starts with abstracting and pooling underlying resources. It then proceeds to dynamically allocate the resources to the applications running in containers or virtual machines. The configuration can depend on policies that are aligned with the application. This diminishes the need for complex constructs like volumes and LUNs.

How can Z7 Solution use HCI to assist your business?

-Aid in building a private network: The team at Z7 Solutions can deploy cloud-like infrastructure that improves security, lowers costs, and offers more control.
-Extend to the public cloud: The HCI cloud ecosystem consists of various as-a-service options. You can choose anyone and increase the speed of deployment to reduce the time spent in managing the infrastructure.
-Achieve the hybrid cloud: We can assist in combining VM container-based applications that are deployed throughout various data centers, edge environments, and public cloud with the help of a VMware hybrid cloud.

How can Z7 Solutions benefit your business with HCI?
HCI can easily transform traditional IT models into a unified and simple management resource, which leads to:

-Increase in IT efficiency: Your team can easily get rid of manual processes and siloed operational expertise. This means a single, converged IT team can manage and handle resources to improve the combined storage capacities. Moreover, HCI IT resources work as a storage pool that can dynamically operate to deliver proper capacity, performance, and protection.

-Lower cost and better storage: HCI uses an industry-standard x86 server that is inexpensive, offers purpose-built networking, and allows the benefit of scale-up/scale-out architecture, reducing the CAPEX. With HCI, it becomes easy to eliminate overprovisioning or vendor lock-in.

-Effective scalability: You can be responsive to constantly changing business needs by setting up hardware to spin up workloads. It will furthermore become easy to accelerate the business-critical application’s performance. In fact, HCI offers better scalability than traditional infrastructure.

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