At the very heart of Z7's Commercial Managed Services and IT Solutions lies an unwavering dedication to IT excellence crafted for the evolving challenges of mid-sized to large commercial enterprises. From our headquarters nestled in Florida's bustling business hub of Orlando to our international projects, we've metamorphosed into a key player in the realm of Managed IT Services. Our esteemed ISO/DBE/MWBE certifications aren't just plaques on the wall but represent our ongoing commitment to quality, diversity, and unceasing growth. Our journey is dotted with success stories, such as creating a holistic IT infrastructure for a global conglomerate, reinforcing the synergy between commercial challenges and our innovative solutions.

Our Service Portfolio

As the ever-growing commercial sector evolves, Z7 rises to the occasion with a bouquet of services. Whether you glance at our transformative deployment of Virtual Computing for a retail giant, or the AI-powered analytics platform we shaped for a global supply chain, our offerings resonate with reliability and dynamism. We not only promise solutions; we deliver transformations.

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Virtual Computing and Cloud Solutions

The modern commercial sector thrives on agility, something we deeply understand. By developing tailored hybrid cloud systems, like the one we intricately designed for a pioneering financial institute, we pave the way for efficient, uninterrupted, and informed decision-making processes.

Information Security

In an era rife with cyber threats, safeguarding commercial assets is paramount. Our track record, including the fortification of a pharmaceutical conglomerate's sensitive research data with cutting-edge firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, showcases our commitment to data sanctity. When Z7 pledges security, we encompass every facet of the term.

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Endpoint Devices

Our prowess extends to device-level management, ensuring a seamless harmony between myriad devices. This was best illustrated when we rejuvenated the entire device network of an international consultancy, resulting in bolstered communication and operational fluidity.

Application Modernization

A stagnant application is a regressing entity in the commercial sphere. Our milestone achievements, like the metamorphosis of a legacy CRM into a dynamic cloud entity for a renowned media house, underscore our relentless drive for application rejuvenation and modernization.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leveraging AI and ML, we craft solutions that resonate with foresight and precision. Our collaboration with an e-commerce mogul, creating a prediction model for customer behaviors, solidified their marketing strategies, translating to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Unified Communication and Collaboration


The commercial world is data-driven, and our computational solutions embody this essence. A testament to this was our creation of a state-of-the-art data analytics platform for a top-tier logistics company, ensuring they remained a step ahead in market trends.


With the deluge of data in commercial firms, intelligent data management is a necessity. Take, for instance, our work with a global real estate conglomerate, where we revamped their storage solutions, resulting in streamlined data access, better client interactions, and seamless deal finalizations.

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Networking and Zero Trust Architecture

Our expertise shines with projects like the holistic SD-WAN solution we masterminded for an international brand. This comprehensive solution strengthened their global communication channels while upholding the highest security standards.

Backup and Archiving

Reaffirming our dedication to data integrity, our immediate intervention for an insurance giant post a cyberattack showcases our prowess. We not only fortified their backup systems but also streamlined their archiving, ensuring they remain invulnerable to future threats.

Data Loss Prevention

A testament to our commitment is our strategic DLP implementation for a renowned legal firm, securing their confidential case data, thus elevating their market position and fortifying client trust.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Crisis management is a cornerstone of our ethos. A shining example is our swift intervention for a major hotel chain post a natural calamity. Our rapid response and subsequent recovery strategies ensured they were back to business in record time.

The Z7 Commercial Solutions Advantage

We are more than a provider, we are a partner. Our legacy is strewn with success tales, from major IT enhancements to strategic cloud transitions. Our certifications and globally recognized standards underscore our commitment to pushing the envelope. Our talented team, with decades of combined experience, ensures your enterprise remains unparalleled in its endeavors. As your Commercial Managed Services and IT Solutions provider, our partnership guarantees an unparalleled trajectory of success.