Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)

In this day and age, it’s important that the changing needs of a business can be strategically met. If you aren’t ready yet, Z7 Solutions can help you to seamlessly comprehend these evolving requirements.
Business continuity as a service is not just disaster recovery, it helps identify dependencies while ensuring that the business keeps operating. At Z7 Solutions, we offer physical set-ups and cloud-based business continuity solutions so that your business stays under control.

How does our business continuity match your business needs?
Our experts at Z7 Solutions are always ready to assemble new and relevant technologies to create an uphill solution for new needs. This is what is reflected in our unique business continuity framework, aligning our experts with your business to regularly monitor, evaluate and update programs accordingly. Through this ability to respond, we are able to match up with any changes in your business along the way.

The solution for BCaaS is typically developed alongside business continuity management lifecycle practices. This is delivered by industry experts, meaning it’s not difficult to indicate the key metrics of recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for multiple business processes. These metrics are mapped by our experts with underlying IT infrastructure and systems that are able to support these processes. 

Don’t worry. Our team consists of both IT and business department experts who know how to handle business continuity management as a service. This allows us to ensure that we are able to deliver the best outcomes for customers, employees, and stakeholders with every project. All of this is accomplished by partnering with you in order to understand your most vital business outcomes and help you in designing the programs that will support the process, technology, and people involved. 

We use three-phase working tactics to offer you a sound solution:
1- Planning: We start with the engagement session to get a high-level overview of your IT needs, followed by staff interviews. This way, we gain insight on risk register and matrix, business impact analysis, cost of downtime assessment, services dependency mapping, and any other relevant information.

2- Implementing: Once we are aware of the required information, we proceed with planning and designing a solution. On successful completion, we get details on points such as IT disaster recovery, crisis communication plan, pandemic plan, business continuity plan, and cyber incident response plan. 

3- Proving and Maintaining: Finally, we focus on tabletop exercise, monthly catch-up plans, full business continuity plan exercise, IT disaster recovery, and other important aspects of the business. 

Now that you know how we offer methodically planned services for business continuity management, it is time that you connect with us in order to experience the benefit we can provide you and your business.


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