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Do you need to bring cost efficiencies into your business but don’t want to compromise on the availability or security of data? If you answered yes, it’s time for you to explore the cloud migration services offered by us at Z7 Solutions. Our team, based out of Orlando, Florida, are cloud migration experts who can help you transition from legacy systems to the cloud without impacting business continuity.

What do we offer?
We have specialist skills in infrastructure consolidation so that your existing IT applications and programs work as smoothly on the cloud as with in-house deployments. You can utilize our expertise to determine which is the best model for you out of public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. From Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, to IBM and Google Cloud, you get a wide range of options to pick from when using our cloud migration services.

Our workflow is geared to benefit all types of organizations. We assess your IT readiness to move to the cloud. Then, once that’s completed, we suggest a viable roadmap that allows you to harness benefits that come with the cloud at the most optimized costs.

We then test the compatibility of data and applications to be migrated. We install the necessary applications to help you run your business processes. We also carry out training for your staff post-delivery, so that they can maximize efficiencies of the cloud in their daily work.

Why should you use our cloud migration services?
1 – If you are looking to accelerate yields from DevOps, cloud is the preferred way to go. All you need to do is select the appropriate cloud deployment with Z7 Solutions cloud migration services and move all data and access to this centralized site. Once that’s done, you no longer need to spend more CAPEX on the installation of costly servers, hardware, and networking.
2 – Due to the fast setup, you can kick start operations quickly, as compared to on-premise servers. Services can be used immediately to progress your software development and IT management needs.
3 – The massive proliferation of the cloud means that more and more enterprises are now using it. As a result, cloud security has been improving at a rapid pace. Our highly secure and authenticated cloud migration services based out of Orlando ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Security and client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us at Z7
4 – We can scale your cloud infrastructure up or down for complex needs like Big Data and Analytics. As a result, you will be able to request more cloud resources and they will be made available on short notice.

You can request more information about our capabilities and cloud migration services.


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