Blockchain Platform Solution

Z7 Solutions has proven competencies in enterprise blockchain solutions designed to unlock rewarding opportunities in your business. With years of experience in offering IT solutions to Federal and Commercial sectors, Z7 Solutions brings a trusted blockchain platform that serves multiple applications.

Our outcome-oriented blockchain solution is backed by cutting edge technological capabilities. With our assistance, your business can move towards a future that is innovative, transparent, secured, and decentralized.

How can your business leverage blockchain technology?
Robust and trustworthy solutions
From day one of engagement, you get skilled expertise in the blockchain platform. We offer all- around capabilities, including easy deployment, management, and monitoring. You can count on us for around-the-clock production support and scalability that matches your growth aspirations.

Employ advanced blockchain attributes
Get the power of a decentralized, immutable framework to power up business operations and foster incredible trust in a multi-party business landscape. We offer highly resilient compute engines for apps that make use of the decentralized framework.

Unmatched resilience to unlock opportunities
Create synergies among various permissioned companies and unleash new business models that offer a win-win engagement and encourage growth.

World class blockchain-based tech solutions
Get unbeatable business advantages that are provided by blockchain: exemplary performance, resilience, and power to deliver on promised outcomes.

Solutions and Features:
Superb flexibility and scalability
● It is completely compatible with various distributed applications to execute seamless smart contract programming.
● Available whether it be in-house, on-premise, in the cloud, or directly using the cloud services.
● Allows setting up permissioned or private networks as per business needs.

Secure and fault-tolerant platform
● Get Byzantine Fault Tolerance System incorporated in the blockchain architecture.
● Ensure total security even when one node is prone to failure.

Achieve scalability and better performance
● Enable smoothly running blockchain applications without compromising on the platform’s integrity.
● Get performance gains with high network bandwidth and low latency using Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus conventions.

Multi-party access with privacy
● Authentication and data filtering enables a high degree of accuracy in data access.
● Users can view and update only the parts of the application they are supposed to see and edit.

Application of Blockchain Integrated Solutions:
In Financial Service Infrastructure
Financial services still utilize siloed systems that were designed decades ago. Reuniting the siloed system’s data will only lead to delays, frictions, and increased cost of settlement and clearing. By employing blockchain solutions, financial services get a single source of truth to access multi-part transactions, resulting in safe, secured, efficient, and private transactions.

In Supply Chain
The supply chain has become the global network comprising factories, customers, and suppliers spread worldwide who rely on uncoordinated systems to process orders, payments, and even deliver goods. By employing blockchain integrated solutions, the supply chain industry can leverage its process with a trusted platform that takes care of supply chain networks effectively. Since there is only a single source of truth, the transaction becomes effortless.

In Healthcare
Blockchain solutions can offer multi-facet benefits to the healthcare industry. For instance, it can examine the hospital staff and verify if they have proper training and education to move ahead in order to reduce vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in the large disconnected pharmaceutical supply chain. It can also transfer patient ownership to private data.

Z7 Solutions knows what your business needs in order to flourish in the advanced market. Work with us and together, we can help your business achieve greater heights!


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