Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Data backup is the need of the hour. No matter how secure your network is, remote backup service providers like Z7 Solutions can offer you the services you need through Backup as a Service (BaaS).
Based in Orlando, Florida, we at Z7 Solutions know how important data is to any business. That is why we offer managed services for backups and disaster recovery needs. Not many backup as a service providers in Orlando manage to offer tailor-made solutions as per the business requirement. However, when you work with Z7 Solutions, we offer exclusively developed backup and disaster recovery solutions in accordance with your needs. We are committed to providing a simple and comprehensive solution that will benefit your enterprise so that you can offer reliable service to your customers. 

There are many ways in which working with Z7 Solutions can offer your business impressive benefits through our remote backup service solution.

Get an All-In-One Backup Solution: Z7 Solutions offers a one-stop solution by providing you with an impressive backup solution to save critical data in the case of accidents and unwanted events. Based on your digital stance, we can either store data on-site, off-site, or on a remote cloud location. With our regular and integrated backup services, we ensure your business stays on a continuous mode, regardless of the situation, at all times.

Multitenant Environment: We at Z7 Solutions can help you group the backed up physical machine or the VMs to a particular group so that customer management can be done efficiently. This way, you get to experience a multitenant environment that helps in managing a large number of backups.  An important aspect of continuity, the multitenant environment is an essential part of keeping your business flowing how it should.

Efficient Storage Management: Our experts will utilize a wide range of storage devices. We combine remote security protocols with easy management as well as always-on data availability. Rather than limiting data backup, Z7 Solutions can connect business systems to the remote cloud servers that are managed by an external provider. We make storage easier to manage and resistant from location-based threats. 

User Access Control:  With a web portal, it becomes possible for parties to customize self-service management. The end-users get the chance to administer and access backups. Plus, you can run, restore and download the restored files using the management portal. 

Clustering and Load Balancing: Our server backup solutions can be used to install the BDR backup server. Once that’s complete, the new backup servers can be dynamically added to maintain extra loads. This way, effective scalability can be initiated without hurting the current data environment of your business.


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