Backup and Recovery

Do you want to reduce business downtime and simplify the protection of your business? We at Z7 Solutions are here at your service.

With almost a decade of experience in offering IT solutions to public and private sectors, Z7 Solutions has become a household name among various large-scale and small-scale businesses. Our expertise lies in cloud technologies, storage, virtualization, security, collaboration, networking, and end-user computing.

Our team’s exceptional expertise allows us to offer seamless protection that brings reliability into your recovery workflow.

New applications are driving digital business on a daily basis, meaning a modernization of the data center, introduction of agile development, and extension to the cloud. Once modern innovations are introduced to the business, there are myriads of problems that arise regarding protection and management of your infrastructure environment.

Since data is the lifeblood of any organization in today’s era, the mass fragmentation continues to proliferate data across various channels like the cloud, infrastructure, etc. This proliferation leads to the prevention of protecting, managing, and extracting the value of the data in the work environment.

Why choose Z7 Solutions for backup and recovery?

Z7 Solutions manages to protect both modern and traditional applications throughout physical, virtual, and containerized environments, allowing the data to work quickly.

We offer solutions that automate and simplify your enterprise’s data management. We take a modern approach to disaster recovery and data protection to help you secure your backup and unconstructed data. You can also employ our solutions to protect all of your networks, regardless of where the data resides. We will assist you in rapidly sharing, protecting, and using the data seamlessly and more securely in your environment to ensure security and compliance.

Our experts at Z7 Solutions will help you experience the following benefits and capabilities:

1- Modernize the data center and eliminate data silos with consolidated backups.
2- Use a backup to improve data security with Z7 Solutions’ custom tailored solutions.
3- Gain extensive data protection for various enterprise applications.
4- Enable fast, reliable, and automated workload migrations to the cloud.
5- Reduce data movement by running applications that lower risks and improve productivity.
6- Avoid downtime due to the lack of applications across public and hybrid cloud to assist your business in recovering, searching, and analyzing the data.
7- Gain a proven data management platform that offers simple recovery when required.

Now that you know how our solutions can benefit your IT infrastructure, it’s time that you contact us.