Z7 Solutions has made a name as a Native American-Owned IT Solutions Enterprise. We offer a range of services including virtual desktops, mobile workforce, and end-user computing. Our capabilities in networking, security, SaaS, PaaS, and data center infrastructure make us one of the leading Indian-Owned Economic Enterprises (IEE).

Stipulations of IEE

The below requirements are mandatory to be classified as an Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise (IEE):

IEE denotes a business activity as being owned by one or more Indians or Indian Tribes.

The business is established for profit in the business activity.

The total ownership should be equal to or more than 51% of the business and needs to be controlled by one or more persons from the Indian tribe.

The Indian tribes, if associated with the business, should benefit by receiving a majority of the earnings from the business activity.

They must have the requisite mandatory technical skills needed to run the business operations successfully.

Z7 Solutions stays true to these mandates and operates as a true IEE enterprise. We maintain the IEE status at all stages of contract execution, including:

  • At the time an offer is made in response to a written solicitation;
  • At the time of contract award; and
  • During the complete tenure applicable on the contract


We are open to exploring opportunities under the Buy Indian Act rules to win government contracts set aside for Indian Economic Enterprises (IEEs). Our team will manage the contract and control the business operations needed to fulfill the terms of the contract.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Our Native American Women-Owned Small Business was established in 2012 and currently is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We are a federal and commercial IT Solutions provider focused on providing high-quality data center consulting services.

In addition to serving commercial customers, we also work closely with federal departments. Our specialty is to collaborate with industry leaders to drive excellence in helping the Federal Government with its IT projects. As a result, we can ensure that our federal and public sector customers are given the most advanced custom technology solutions with enterprise-grade security for successful project fulfillment.

Connect with us at Z7 Solutions to discuss procurement opportunities.

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